Welcome to GTM Test

On this page, you'll see some text formatted with HTML. You can use this file to see how some of the examples from my article on HTML examples work.

The best way to play around with this document is to open it in a text editor and your browser at the same time. When you make changes in the text editor, save the document and refresh your browser.

Some Good Uses of Your New HTML Skills

  1. HomePage
  2. AvR Wordpress
  3. List of subdomains
  4. AvR Drupal
  5. Impressing your friends with your HTML wizardry.

Basic Structure of the Website

There are going to be seven subdomains on the test website

We are going to have four simple html websites and three CMS websites for this testing purpose. This testing configuration is going to be used to test the future installation or features of Google Analytics, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking and multiple other web analytics tools.

The list of all the subdomains is given below

The List of general subdomains hosting html files

  1. GTM Test Zero
  2. GTM Test One
  3. GTM Test Two
  4. GTM Test Three
  5. GTM Test Four
  6. GTM Test Five
  7. GTM Test Six
  8. GTM Test Seven
  9. GTM Test Eight
  10. GTM Test Nine

Now all of our websites are going to have multiple pages on them.

We need to create multiple pages on all of our websites. For the different CMS platforms the pages can only be created after logging in. For the simple html websites there will be 3-5 pages on all the subdomains with links to all the pages on different subdomains.

At present we are going to leave the CMS as they are and create default pages for the html subdomains. Since all the subdomains are going to have the same pages and even the content on those pages is going to be same then we can list their pages as below

Pages on GTM Test Zero Website

Pages on GTM Test One Website

Pages on GTM Test Two Website

Pages on GTM Test Three Website

Pages on GTM Test Four Website

Pages on GTM Test Five Website

Pages on GTM Test Six Website

Pages on GTM Test Seven Website

Pages on GTM Test Eight Website

Pages on GTM Test Nine Website